The Central State Office for the Development of the Digital Society was established according to the Act on the organization and jurisdiction of the ministries and other central state administration bodies (OG 93/2016), which entered into force on 16 October 2016.

Scope of the work:

  • Drafting policy proposals for the development of the digital society and the creation of methodology for monitoring progress and assessing the effects of policies
  • Popularization of digital skills development and inclusiveness
  • Monitoring, proposing and coordinating the development and use of information and communication technology
  • Coordinating projects related to the development of the digital society
  • Ensuring the unique and permanent availability and re-use of publicly available official documents and information of the Republic of Croatia and other open data for all stakeholders on equal terms and impartially through:
    • Open Data Portal
    • Central Catalogue of Official Documents of the Republic of Croatia

Recent Organization

All Digital Academy December 5, 2023
St Monica School Gzira November 23, 2023
DOMINOES November 15, 2023
Lisp November 9, 2023
Women4Cyber October 27, 2023