The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the central body of the government administration involved in:

  • the National Industry Policy, the Energy Policy, the Trade Policy in the context of the European Common Market, the Export Promotion Policy, the Integrated Raw Materials Policy and the Use of Mineral Resources;
  • Business and Investment Promotion in the areas of Manufacturing Industry and of Industrial Research and Development including the use of European funds;
  • Internal trade and Consumer protection in the context of the European Consumer Policy;
  • Promotion of SMSs with the exception of regional business support and trading matters;
  • Technical standardization, metrology and state quality control;
  • Industrial research, engineering and technology development;
  • Electronic communication and postal services.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade:

  • Coordinates the preparation of the legislation and the Implementation of the European Law within the Ministry´s authority;
  • Coordinates the foreign trade policy of the Czech Republic in relation to individual states;
  • Concludes bilateral and multilateral business and economic contracts including commodity contracts;
  • Executes commercial and economic cooperation with EC, EFTA, OECD, WTO and other international organisations and integration groups;
  • Controls and administers activities associated with license regime application within the sphere of economic relations abroad, investigates the dumping of double use of imported products and takes measures to protect against the import of such products.
  • Supervises the execution of inspection in the field of consumer protection and energy industries, the hall marking and the precious metals, weapons and ammunition testing.

Organisations directed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

  • Czech Trade Inspection
  • Assay Office
  • Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and State Quality Control
  • State Energy Inspection
  • Czech Office for Weapons and Ammunition Testing
  • Business and Investment Development Agency CzechInvest
  • Czech Agency for Trade Support CzechTrade
  • Czech Agency for Business and Innovations
  • Czech Metrology Institute
  • State Research Institute for Material, State Research Institute
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade Services Administration


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