Shine 2 Europe is a Portuguese research and advisory society that aims to promote the role of inclusive communities for all citizens. The company identifies technological, healthy and inclusive solutions (SHINE) to support societal growth and inclusiveness, engage in knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices among stakeholders and others.

Areas of activity include projects in key societal and economic areas such as equality and inclusion, ethical behaviour, environmental and digital responsibility and others. 

The company offers services in six thematic clusters: 

  • Innovation – guidance to enable and support innovation within teams, companies, areas of expertise and others; 
  • Training – tips for organisations and individuals on creating and transferring knowledge and adapting to changing organisational behaviour; 
  • Capacity building – skills and resources to be acquired or maintained in order to achieve progress and development in a personal and professional sense; 
  • Networking – how to develop an initiative or project by building partnerships with like-minded organisations and people; 
  • Management – guidelines for finding and maintaining the best project management team, ensuring expertise in financial and thematic terms; 
  • Projects and studies – providing thematic intelligence with scientific accuracy and public involvement.

Other areas of enterprise expertise and research include: health and medicine, digital technologies and IT services, public policy, inclusion, digital citizenship, old age and demography, data management and sharing, and IT solutions, resources and tools. 

Recent Organization

All Digital Academy December 5, 2023
St Monica School Gzira November 23, 2023
DOMINOES November 15, 2023
Lisp November 9, 2023
Women4Cyber October 27, 2023