ICT Skills Demand and Supply Monitor

The Demand and Supply Monitor Report is a study undertaken by the eSkills Malta Foundation. The Demand and Supply Monitor project is a crucial one. It provides an accurate snapshot of the current demand by ICT entities (ICT companies, departments, and units) and the supply of ICT education and training in Malta. The project also gives a thorough analysis of many specific areas and looks at the international trending technologies. The project should guide both the demand and the supply organisations for the near- and long-term actions that are required.

This report is required to target the specific requirements of industry and ensures that the policies set out by the Government of Malta, the programme of work of the eSkills Malta Foundation, the outputs of educational institutions and the adoption of relevant frameworks and standards are in line with such needs and the national strategic goals in Information and Communications Technology.

It is important to note that this study does not represent a census, but an analysis based on survey responses and personally conducted interviews with key stakeholders across the Maltese ICT sector aiming to identify key trends, critical areas of interest and the market’s general sentiment towards the current state of the Maltese ICT sector.

Throughout the survey, reference is made to competencies and job profiles, which are based on the e-CF Framework. Specific technologies and respective technology categories are extracted from the annual Stack Overflow developer survey. This allowes the comparison of survey results to other evaluated sources.

This report is compiled and structured to reflect the overarching dimensions and implications of the responses with a view to formulate recommendations that address the challenges faced by all relevant stakeholders while attempting to stay impartial to subjective individual challenges.

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The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow Workshop Report

The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow

The ICT Workforce of Tomorrow Demand and Supply Monitor Workshop event is a continuation of the Demand and Supply Monitor 2021 initiative launched by the eSkills Malta Foundation in the same year.

In a collaborative effort between the eSkills Malta Foundation and EY the workshop aimed to engage key stakeholders from the Maltese ICT sector and Industry to raise awareness, identify and prioritise key action areas required to drive growth and generate value in Malta through the further development of digital skills.

In line with other European countries, Malta is facing numerous challenges in meeting the industry’s demand for ICT professionals as evidenced in the ICT Skills Demand and Supply report of 2021 This initiative strives to analyse skills, initiatives and tools that would equip the ICT workforce of tomorrow to ensure the achievement of industry goals, thereby influencing Malta’s competitive position in the global digital and ICT economy.

The goals set out for the workshop sought to provide guidelines to valuable stakeholders, including educational institutions, ICT professionals, local ICT organisations and government agencies, whilst promoting collaboration between these entities
Participants had the opportunity to contribute towards Malta’s digital and technological goals by voicing their opinions and bringing to the table their sectoral and professional knowledge This benefited all stakeholders in supporting future business needs and acting as an input towards the formation of ICT professionals and educational institutions.

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