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The report ‘Skills for the Digital Transition: Assessing Recent Trends Using Big Data’ was published in October 2022 by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the OECD

OECD supports national governments in shaping public policies for prosperity and equal opportunities for all. With cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and cloud technologies constantly changing the way people live, work and learn, the 2022 OECD report zooms into current trends and insights. The report may be of help to several groups, including governments and public authorities, which are tasked with planning re- and up-skilling training policies, employees across sectors and others. Jobseekers would also benefit from the report’s insights, not only in terms of keeping up to date with the latest developments in tech and the labour market, but also in terms of their active participation in the digital revolution. 

Main points in this report

The Report presents the most recent trends in the labour market demand for digital professionals and skills. It also gives recommendations on best practices and approaches employees can adopt to upgrade their skills and make them fit for the digital economy. Taking into account the constant evolution of digital technologies and the employment digitalisation, the report addresses the challenge of employees’ digital transition by providing guidance on strengthening one’s skills and getting used to work with (and use) cutting-edge technologies. 

The OECD report pinpoints emerging challenges in the labour market and looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe on digital technologies and skills in the global economic system. It also takes stock of labour market trends and demands for digital professionals such as software developers, engineers, data scientists, and data engineers. One key insight from the report in this area is the noted high demand for ICT skills like machine learning knowledge, data science, and data visualisation. 

Finally, the report suggests the types of retraining that employees can benefit from if they want to find a job in the digital world. 

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