The Action Plan is a detailed plan outlining the actions and actions needed to achieve one or more objectives. For the strategy as a whole to succeed, the different activities must be adequately monitored and revised during the implementation process. The project management of the implementation of individual actions is the responsibility of identifying the gestures.

The National Digital Skills Strategy of the Slovak Republic and the Action Plan 2023-2026 (‘NSDZaAP’) build on, directly follow-up and take into account the outputs contained in the national documents, such as the Strategy and Action Plan to improve Slovakia’s position in DESI by 2025, the Digital Transformation Strategy of Slovakia 2030, the Digital Transformation Action Plan of Slovakia 2019-2022 and 2023-2026, the Lifelong Learning and Guidance Strategy 2021-2030, the Action Plan for the Lifelong Learning and Guidance Strategy 2022-2024, as well as the Education Informatisation Programme 2030 and the corresponding Action Plan.

The need for this document is also demonstrated by the intensive deployment of digital elements and systems in almost all areas of economy, industry and society. This puts pressure to extend the basic literacy of the workforce to new digital skills and competences. However, this concerns not only the current workforce, but also the future workforce. Digitalisation affects the lives of all citizens, regardless of age, gender or geographical location. Knowledge of digital skills at the appropriate level is a prerequisite for an individual’s applicability in an ever-changing labour market. Without the relevant knowledge of digital skills, in the near future, the possibilities for an individual to engage in particular employment, to communicate electronically will be severely limited. Therefore, active support not only from the state but also from other representatives of firms and organisations is essential in acquiring these knowledge and skills in order to build digital literacy and competences for a broad, not only professional, but also lay public.

Reference to the material approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic on 14.12.2022: NSDZ and AP