The Education Policy Strategy for 2030 is a key document, which sets out a roadmap towards a developed and digital education system in the Czech republic for the period 2020-2030. The aim of the strategic document is to modernise Czechia’s education system in the field of regional education, formal and non-formal education, and lifelong learning and to prepare for new challenges, while addressing the ones already identified within the current education system. The Education Policy Strategy for 2030 has 5 strategic lines, across which upskilling and reskilling activities are launched. 

Overview of main actions

  • Strategic Line 1:  Transforming the content, methods and evaluation of training;
  • Strategic Line 2:  Equal access to quality education;
  • Strategic Line 3:  Support for teaching staff;
  • Strategic Line 4:  Increasing professional capacity, trust and cooperation with each other;
  • Strategic Line 5:  Increasing funding and ensuring its stability.

Concrete steps for the next decade

The Ministry wants to modernise, equip and guide schools, introduce digital technologies and promote innovation, amplify the volume of learning and implement new methods of preparing and assessing pupils in order to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that can be used in a personal, professional and civic life. As part of the interventions, the Ministry also wants to focus crucially on the preparation of new and support for existing educators, the professionalisation of school heads or the reduction of the administrative burden on schools. All these topics were agreed by both the expert and the general public involved in the preparation of the strategy. 

First implementation period (2020-2030) — Action cards:

How can stakeholders get involved?

The full version of the Czech strategy is available in English. News, updates, and online debates on the strategy can be found on this Facebook page, which is continuously updated. 

Questions and observations can be sent to the following address:

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