The National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-2024 was adopted by the Danish Government on December 2021. The Strategy focuses on helping enhance technological resilience; securing the protection of critical government ICT systems; and improving the knowledge and skills of residents, businesses, and authorities.

Four objectives of the strategy:

1. Robust protection of vital societal functions

2. Improving and prioritising levels of skills and management

3. Strengthening cooperation between the public and private sectors

4. Active participation in the international fight against the cyber threat

The strategy aims to raise the level of knowledge and skills of digital behavior and security among citizens with initiatives that motivate and engage, promote increased knowledge and interest, and develop sound and secure digital habits among citizens.

The major targets under the digital skills and competences pillar are the following:

  • Cyber and information security must be embedded in top management, and skills must be strengthened. This applies to an overview of assets, vulnerabilities and knowledge of potential threats.
  • Citizens, businesses and government agencies need to know how to protect themselves and stay safe digitally.
  • Demand for cyber and information security skills must be accommodated by training more specialists and building stronger capacity across society.

Planned initiatives to increase digital skills and competences:

  • Strengthened efforts in relation to knowledge, awareness and conduct for top management and government leaders.
  • Government employees need better skills in cyber and information security.
  • Competencies in cyber security for children, young people and adults.
  • Competence building in cyber and information security through higher education.
  • Knowledge sharing and cyber and information security in in the field of research and education.
  • Strengthened information efforts for citizens, authorities and businesses and strengthening of the portal

The strategy will strengthen existing efforts with a number of initiatives that will tie them together.