Latvian Cybersecurity Strategy 2023-2026 developed by the Ministry of Defense defines the main directions of action of national cybersecurity policy, describes Latvia’s cybersecurity situation, and also identifies future challenges.

The goal of the national cybersecurity policy developed by the Ministry of Defense in the period until 2026 is to strengthen the security of Latvia’s cyber space by developing cyber defense capabilities, increasing resilience against cyber attacks and promoting public awareness of threats in cyber space.

Five main directions of action have been defined: 

  • Improvement of cybersecurity management 
  • Promotion of cybersecurity and strengthening of resilience
  • Public awareness, education and research
  • International cooperation and justice in cyberspace
  • Prevention and combating of cybercrime

Tasks and priorities for digital skills’ development

  • Identify the needs for raising the qualifications of existing specialists and develop a framework for the training and recruitment of new specialists.
  • Encourage the involvement of professionals in the field of knowledge exchange/training processes.
  • Create training/upgrading programs IS/ICT security managers.
  • Identify and implement specific measures (information campaigns, etc.) targeting individual groups of society: children and young people, seniors, staff of public administrations, including strengthening knowledge and awareness of cyber-hygiene.
  • Strengthen the development of cybersecurity research in Latvia, using the funding opportunities provided by Digital Europe and building the necessary national cybersecurity research support mechanisms.


The cybersecurity strategy has been developed in connection with the current European Union legislation in the field, as well as taking into account the national development directions included in the digital policy planning documents, with the aim of ensuring a coherent development of Latvia’s digital and cyber security. 

The full text of the Strategy is available in Latvian.