Digital Luxembourg is an ongoing public initiative aimed to strengthen Luxembourg’s digitalisation via three key missions: enabling new projects, supporting existing initiatives and disseminating information on developments within the national tech sphere. 

The collaboration-based government initiative Digital Luxembourg was launched towards the end of 2014 to develop the country’s digitalisation and digital skills development policies. Today, Digital Luxembourg represents the country’s digital movement, bringing together different stakeholders from the public and private sector. 

The first pillar of the initiative establishes the importance of digital skills for citizens, labour force, businesses, and in education. Pillars include: 

  • Skills
  • Ecosystem
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Policy
  • Government

Since its launch in 2014, the strategic initiative has supported around 26 joint digital skills initiatives, implemented in conjunction with private and public stakeholders and partners. Initiatives and actions launched address the development of digital competences across target audiences and age groups. 

More detailed information on different  digital skills initiatives within the framework of Digital Luxembourg can be found in the Digital Luxembourg Progress report of 2020.