The RÚZ carried out a questionnaire survey entitled ‘Skills for the Future of a Competitive Labour Market in Slovakia’, which aims to identify how and to what extent digitalisation, automation, artificial intelligence and other globally innovative topics are transforming the labour market and skills/competences into jobs in individual economic sectors.

The analysis focuses on the global trend of the impact of innovation entailing significant changes in the labour market. Such trends include, for example, automation, digitalisation and AI technologies. These and many others will undoubtedly affect today’s future workforce, which will have to reflect on them with adequate skills/competences and adapt their own work to new activities that it has not yet known. This analysis is based on the results of an international study by McKinsey & Company (2021), which defined a set of key skills for the future labour market. The objective of the analysis team is to examine the expected importance of these skills/competences in the Slovak Republic and to assess them in terms of expected relevance by 2030. Responses to the importance of individual skills today and in the future (2030) were provided by representatives of employers, organisations, institutions and other actors active in the national economy. The information gathered from this analysis can be an important input for setting up the lifelong learning system and updating the curriculum content of primary, secondary and higher education.

The need for manual, physical and basic cognitive skills will decrease in the future, but demand for technological, social, emotional and higher cognitive capabilities will increase. The outcome of the questionnaire survey is intended to provide an overview of future key competences and their degree of relevance for employers operating in the Slovak Republic. This overview provides input analysis for determining the updating of formal or further education needs, in particular in the area of soft skills.

Employers have identified the skills needed for the future – see what the future will bring! The results of the survey are available in download documents and will be incorporated into the Skills for the Future of a Competitive Labour Market in Slovakia. We have translated this document into English in order to spread awareness of its content beyond the borders of the Slovak Republic. The translation of the analysis can be found here: SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE OF A COMPETITIVE LABOUR MARKET IN SLOVAKIA