Various AI technologies are increasingly penetrating into all types of products and services, creating a complex societal technical system that alters existing relationships in economic, legal and political fields.

The pace and potential impact of AI deployment predicts societal and geopolitical changes that are likely to shape future developments worldwide.

Individual countries show an outstanding priority in the field of AI, with some predicting that those who will control AI will control the world, and it is therefore important to promote European directions for the development and use of AI that advocate a responsible, human-centric use of AI that respects European values, ethical principles and human rights, as well as priorities.

Addressing these challenges requires smart and effective public policies that ensure people’s trust in AI and limit its negative impacts on the individual and society, and reap the benefits that AI can bring to our lives, allowing all people to benefit from AI, in particular in improving living conditions and living standards.

With the approval of the programme, Slovenia ranked alongside EU countries that have already developed national strategic orientations on AI and committed to working together in this field at EU level. Slovenia will build on the long-standing experience and knowledge of our experts in this field.

Following the approval and adoption of the NUI, the preparation of the implementation plan, together with the determination of the financial resources and the preparation of all stakeholders for the implementation of the envisaged activities, is before us.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has designated the Ministry of Public Administration to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of NpUI measures in accordance with the defined management structure for the implementation of the NpUI.