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This course is a collection of lectures on the ethical implications of data and artificial intelligence (AI) from different perspectives. As technology develops and they become more data-intensive and AI-based technologies, these can solve global challenges but can also be a risk to individuals and groups. As such, it is crucial to consider the ethical ramifications of AI use to identify and rectify harms.

This course is designed to raise awareness of the societal impacts of technology and to give individuals and institutions the tools to undertake responsible AI use. This course is intended for current and future data scientists, policymakers, and business leaders. It is composed of 19 modules on topics related to AI and each module consists of a video lecture accompanied by additional resources. Modules include:

  • Data Protection and AI: The relation between ethical and legal approaches
  • Ethics Applied to AI: A matter of cultures and words
  • AI Ethics and Hate Speech
  • How Your Teeth, Your Smile and AI Ethics are Related

These are a non-exhaustive list of modules and the course has monthly releases of modules for learners to consult.

The AI Ethics: Global Perspectives course was jointly designed and implemented by seven organisations. These are: