Big Data Technologies


Course Name

Big Data Technologies – A Practical Approach

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Target Group / Theme

• Employees, executives, or leaders of SMEs as part of the Workforce; and
• ICT Professionals and Practitioners


• Emerging Technology for SME Employees,
• Digital Transformation for SME Business Leaders; and
• Upskilling and reskilling of the Digital Sector with Transversal Skills

Course dates

31st October 0900-1100



Course Content

Big Data is one of the tech buzzwords of the past decade. The impact that the big data revolution is having on organisations is undeniable, however, this tends to be contrasted by poor communication of its true meaning and potential.

This session aims to help attendees to better understand the enigma that is big data and how it can be put to use to derive value in organisations of any size as follows:

• What is big data (Veracity, Volume, Velocity)
• Real-Time Data
• Distributed Computing
• Visualisation

The session will be delivered with a non-technical audience in mind, showing real-life examples of the technologies used in practice, and may include one or more of Kafka, Databricks, Power BI.

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