Blockchain DLT and Smart Contracts for Developers

Course Name
Blockchain DLT and Smart Contracts for Developers

Target Group / Theme

ICT Professionals and Practioners

Education (Teachers and Students)

Course dates
24, 26, 31 May

2, 6, 9, 14, 16 June

Duration – 2 hours

Course Content
An introduction to Blockchain, DLT, and smart contracts

2. An introduction to Cryptocurrencies

3. Solidity smart contracts and language features

4. Ethereum specific features

5. Interacting with smart contracts

6. Designing and Testing smart contracts

7. Error and security considerations

8. Introduction to DAO’s: Technical and compliance considerations

Smart contracts have become a buzzword term not only within blockchain communities, but also in mainstream media. In view of their immense significance, this might not be completely inexplicable. Smart contracts elevate the ideas of decentralisation and automation at unprecedented levels and promise huge efficiency for all kinds of different transactions. At the same time, nonetheless, they come with unique technical and compliance challenges and risks, the mitigation of which requires the

This course offers capacity building knowledge and expertise, demystifying the basic concepts, ideas and technology that lie at the foundations of smart contracts. Smart contracts have brought code and law intimately together.

Therefore, throughout this course we will not only delve into technical aspects but also introduce techno-regulatory and legal issues.

Delivery Method