ChatGPT: From Zero to Hero


Course Name

ChatGPT: From Zero to Hero

Training Provider

HumAin Ltd

Target Group / Theme

Persons of age 15 years and over, Emerging Technology for SME Employees.

Course dates

6, 13, 20, 27 July
3, 10, 24, 31 August
7, 14 September



Course Content

Topic 1 – ChatGPT and AI Basics (What is AI and ChatGPT, and how to give them instructions)
Topic 2 – Learning to Guide ChatGPT (How to ask it questions and make requests)
Topic 3 – Advanced ChatGPT Tricks (More ways to get great answers from ChatGPT)
Topic 4 – ChatGPT in Daily Life (Using ChatGPT for emails, homework, and other tasks)
Topic 5 – Making ChatGPT Smarter (Teaching it to understand and learn better)
Topic 6 – Fair and Safe ChatGPT (Avoiding mistakes and making sure it behaves well)
Topic 7 – Fun with ChatGPT (Using ChatGPT for pictures, music, and art)
Topic 8 – Fine-Tuning Your Chat (Making your questions and requests work even better)
Topic 9 – Spotting AI and Staying Safe (How to tell if something was made by AI and what to do)
Topic 10 – The Future of ChatGPT and AI (What’s next for AI and how it will change the world)

Delivery Method