Training opportunities

CodeMOOC is a MOOC delivered for free by the University of Urbino on the Uniurb European MOOC platform. It is a 48-hour certified training course in Italian, but it is also a 6 CFU university course for those who decide to enrol at the University of Urbino and take the final exam.

The course aims to help teachers of any school and of any subject to introduce computational thinking in the classroom through coding, using only intuitive and fun activities to be proposed directly to pupils.

CodeMOOC has no deadlines. Everyone can register for the MOOC at any time and follow it at one’s own pace, relying on the learning community to provide additional stimulation over and above what the course itself provides. The dates indicated in some activities refer only to the first live delivery of the course.

CodeMOOC is the first step in a journey of digital literacy that continues in many ways, which the website of the MOOC aims to point out and link in an organic way.

Objective of the course

This course is not designed to introduce methods and concepts that may be useful to teachers in the classroom at some point in the future, but to help them organise coding activities in the classroom directly during the MOOC. Most of the proposed activities can be carried out directly in the classroom with pupils. You don’t need to be computer literate, the proposed activities are intuitive and fun, and the videos contain additional food for thought.


By attending the MOOC you will obtain a certificate of completion issued by the University of Urbino in the form of an Open Badge and a printable Pdf certificate at the end of all activities and after handing in all assignments – The University of Urbino awards a university credit to anyone who presents this certificate at the time of eventual enrolment in the degree course in Applied Informatics.