Data Analytics Foundations Online Course

Learn how to effectively analyze data in an affordable, flexible online learning environment led by female tech leaders. Gather, visualize and interpret real-world data sets to create actionable insights for your company. Read more

Enter the Data Analytics field with our flexible, online 10-week course. Through self-paced learning and dedicated development sessions, you’ll have the sought-after Data Analytics skills needed in every business.

Designed to provide a complete online learning experience to fit your busy schedule, our courses combine self-paced modules of high-quality media resources with live sessions from industry-leading experts, so you have the best of both worlds!

5 self-paced modules over 10 weeks (30h total)
Live sessions with industry experts
Dedicated support through Slack
Final project solving a real-world dataset problem
A multi-format approach – videos, podcasts, and more
Lifetime access to our 30k+ community

You’ll end this course with a solid understanding of Data Analytics. Through the use of frameworks used by Analysts in real life, you’ll learn how to wrangle data with Python, use Exploratory Data Analysis, and how to effectively visualize and interpret your results.

Who is this for?
Whether you’re looking to get into the Data Analytics field or level up your existing Aata Analysis experience, the online course is useful to a wide range of professionals, offering you the essentials at an affordable price. Our online course students are usually:

Discoverers: Do you thrive on learning new things? Our adaptive, hands-on approach is designed with your motivation in mind. This course is perfect for you if you’re driven and passionate about the data field and want to take a step into the tech sector.
Upskillers: Those who are established in their professional careers and want to take it to the next level by adding Data Analytics skills to their resume
Data users: Women who want to take one step further and combine their data knowledge with modern and advanced techniques so they’re able to analyze much larger data sets and be more efficient and productive in the Data Analysis field. After all, Data Analysis fits almost every field!