Demystifying Web3: From Blockchain to AI and Beyond


Course Name

Demystifying Web3: From Blockchain to AI and Beyond

Training Provider

Dr Ioannis Revolidis

Target Group / Theme

• Employees, executives or leaders of SMEs as part of the Workforce;
• Persons of age 15 years and over; and
• ICT Professionals and Practitioners

Course dates

Session 1: Monday, September 4
Session 2: Tuesday, September 5
Session 3: Monday, September 11
Session 4: Tuesday, September 12
Session 5: Wednesday, September 13



Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to Web3, Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Session 2: Crypto Assets and the Law: From national frameworks to the EU’s MiCA Regulation
Session 3: NFTs – a use case and considerations
Session 4: AI – how is it impacting the future of the web?
Session 5: The need for Techno-Regulatory Solutions

Stories of crypto-asset crashes, failures, and hacks have been all over the news over the past few months. From a niche investor area, crypto assets are gradually becoming a viable financial option for more mainstream digital activities. But what are the technological, legal and economic underpinnings of these new types of assets? How do blockchain-based web3 applications work, what is different to web2 and why should we turn our attention to them? How does AI enter the equation of web3 and how will it transform web3 digital operations? Has the law been able to keep up with such developments and is our legal system in a position to offer adequate protection to institutional and retail investors, consumers, and average users of digital technologies? Is the regulation of such innovative digital environments stifling or encouraging innovation? How should tech and law co-exist in order to secure a viable web3 future?

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