Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Online Government Services and Financial Skills


Course Name

Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Online Government Services and Financial Skills

Training Provider

The Foundation for Global Human Dignity

Target Group / Theme

Maltese Society: Youths, Adults, and the Elderly /

Reskilling/Upskilling Citizens (Youths, Adults or the Elderly) by using the internet to be able to use online government services (e-government), including, and e-ID.

Course dates

1 November, Wednesday, 4:30 PM, 2 November, Thursday, 4:30 PM, 3 November, Friday, 4:30 PM, 8 November, Wednesday, 4:30 PM,
9 November, Thursday, 4:30 PM, 10 November, Friday, 4:30 PM, 15 November, Wednesday, 4:30 PM,
16 November, Thursday, 4:30 PM, 17 November, Friday, 4:30 PM, 22 November, Wednesday, 4:30 PM,
23 November, Thursday, 4:30 PM, 24 November, Friday, 4:30 PM


Community hall of St. Joseph Parish Church, Misrah Arcisqof Gonzi, Kalkara, KKR 1511



Course Content

Session 1: e-ID
Overview of online government services available in Malta. Activating and accessing e-ID accounts.

Session 2: Basic Government Services
Using the e-ID in tax management, social security, and other government services.

Session 3: Elderly Services 1
Overview of major services provided by the government for senior citizens. The process from application to delivery.

Session 4: Elderly Services 2
Exploring local and national government services available for senior citizens.

Session 5: Public utility services
Registering to online portals of electricity, water, gas, and internet providers. Managing e-forms and e-billing.

Session 6: Introduction to Online Banking Services
Benefits and considerations of online banking. Creating a Revolut account.

Session 7: Managing online accounts
Connecting a Revolut account to an existing credit card. Adding money to an online account.

Session 8: Online transactions
Exchanging currencies, sending and receiving transactions from a mobile device.

Session 9: Online Shopping
Overview of online shopping platforms and marketplaces. Safely browsing, searching, and comparing products.

Session 10: Online Transactions
Making secure online purchases and managing online transactions from mobile devices with single-use virtual credit cards.

Session 11: Internet safety
Identifying common online threats and scams related to online banking, using online services, and banking. Avoiding phishing and identity theft.

Session 12: Recap and Graduation
Review of key topics, Q&A session, certificate presentation

Delivery Method

In-Person (Physical)

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