Empower Her: Upskilling Women with Digital Skills for Enhanced Employability


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Empower Her: Upskilling Women with Digital Skills for Enhanced Employability

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Females in the Maltese Society / To incentivise and upskill female persons who are unemployed or not in training (NTE) with digital skills to help them become more employable

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Some women face specific challenges when trying to access education and the labour market. We believe that women can thrive in environments where they learn with other women, motivate each other and have access to a range of additional support. With this course, we want to empower women through a comprehensive program – supporting them to learn the skills of the modern workplace through a digital program.

This program will help the do some personal and work tasks such as: building a CV, writing a cover letter by using MS Word, taking care of their personal finance by using MS Excel, and some presentation skills. In addition to this, applicants will be guided to browse and use several websites to look for jobs both locally and internationally.

Session 1: Creating a CV by using the Europass CV platform. Creating a cover letter.
Session 2: Using Microsoft Excel to take care of their finances.
Session 3: Working on presentation skills for different specific events.
Session 4: Browsing online to look for jobs/ study opportunities.
Session 5: Online safety to help them keep a clean digital footprint. Using case studies that will help them understand the impacts of their digital footprint in their career.

Delivery Method

Online Session

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