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Course “From idea to one million downloads. How to create mobile applications?’ is intended for students and all those for whom mobile internet plays an important role in business – people working in interactive or marketing agencies, product owners, project managers, and current and future mobile app developers.

The course provides practical advice, case study and the necessary strategic management theory. All examples have been from recent years and are easy to understand for a new entrepreneur or student.

The course consists of 10 modules that the Participant can deliver at its own pace. Content is enriched by films, graphics and exercises. At the end of each module there is a short test.

Here you can find the English version of this course.


Basic knowledge of IT and/or business is desirable but not required. Business: how the company’s profits are generated by business models. In the field of information technology: basic knowledge of technical issues in the field of mobile applications – operating systems, technical issues (programming), experience design (UX/UI), etc.


  • You will learn about the mobile market and the mobile product development cycle.
  • You will learn about the opportunities offered by a smartphone.
  • Find out what are the main aspects of the mobile market and mobile technology.
  • You will learn how to develop a prototype application step by step.


MODULE 1. Mobile apps marketplace

In the first module, we will look at the mobile market. Find out how global trends affect the local mobile market.

MODULE 2. How does a smartphone work?

In Module Two, we will focus on how the smartphone works and what opportunities it offers.

MODULE 3. Your idea for an app

In Module 3, we will reflect on how to find an application idea.

MODULE 4. Sources of success in mobile

Module four provides information on soft and hard data used to analyse the functioning of the application.

MODULE 5. Application schedule and budget

In Module Five, we will explain how to follow up once we have an idea for the application.

MODULE 6. Prototyping is not design

Module 6 will introduce you on the subject of prototyping. You will learn about UX and Design Thinking.

MODULE 7. Application development technologies

In Module 7, you will find out what application technologies are available.

MODULE 8. Ensuring quality

In Module Eight, we will address quality assurance and testing issues. 

MODULE 9. Placement of apps in shops and maintenance

Module Nine deals with issues related to placing the app in shops and maintaining it.

MODULE 10. Promotion and development of applications

Module 10 will introduce you on the topic of promoting and developing the application.


In order to pass the course and obtain a certificate of completion, it is necessary to read the entire material and to obtain a total of 50 % of the points that can be obtained from the activity included in the course.