From Start-ups to start-ins!

Course Name

From start-ups to start-ins!
Challenge-based entrepreneurial and innovative thinking for corporate teams

Training Provider

Ascend Consulting

Target Group / Theme

ICT Professionals and Practitioners, other employees, executives, or leaders in ICT Sector

Course dates

Saturday 2nd December 2023


The course “From start-ups to start-ins!” will be structured as a 6-hours training bootcamp. Its aim is to guide current and future Digital Sector professionals on how to drive and implement challenge-based entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, how to start their own digital business or create new digital products, services, and business lines within the organisation they work for. The course/training will clarify and instil in a hands-on, interactive workshop-style approach, the following transversal skills:

• Entrepreneurial and innovative thinking
• Problem-Solving
• Teamwork
The content and the delivery approach of the course will be focused on providing participants with easily applicable concepts and practical tools to:
• Identify, analyse, and prioritise specific problems and challenges faced within the Digital sector, or within the wider society that could be addressed through ICT solutions.
• Know how to apply different types of innovation and innovative thinking approaches to generate ideas of new ways to address specific problems and challenges.
• Propose, analyse, shortlist, trial and evaluate the feasibility of ICT / digital solutions to such problems.
• Initiate and contribute to planning the implementation of such ICT / digital solutions by identifying the resources and channels needed in this sense.
• Envisage and structure new businesses around the implementation of such solutions.

The training will be delivered by Anamaria Magri Pantea, and as necessary also by Vincent Magri. Both have Master studies in Business Administration and are also very experienced entrepreneurship and innovation trainers, coaches and consultants, including in the framework of the EU’s Common Exploitation Booster, Horizon Research Booster, BlueInvest Readiness Assistance schemes, and inter-governmental programs like Ambient Assisted Living AAL2Business Services, COST Innovators Grants, etc.

These schemes are specifically aimed at supporting organisations benefiting of EU funding to not only develop innovations but also to build and apply the entrepreneurial skills necessary to bring them to the market and commercialise them widely. They also have experience in delivering training and courses at both the University of Malta and with various other private training providers. Please refer to the attached CVs for further details.

Delivery Method

In-Person (Physical)

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