Training opportunities

EDU2GROW is offering a training course to help educational organisations implement digital technologies in their teaching, learning, and assessment practices, and create an engaging environment. The training course uses practical training methods (role-playing, activities, discussions) and a holistic approach which includes “learning by doing” and “reflection upon action”. 

Training objectives:

  • Develop competences and skills (digital, communication, collaboration, inclusion, e-learning)
  • Share best practices, tools, resources and knowledge 
  • Develop tools for implementing technology in education 
  • Enable participants to develop their own techniques 
  • Understand different forms and impact of cyber-bullying
  • Raise awareness of students’ realities and integrate this into the classroom
  • Promote European cooperation in the education field

Programme schedule

These courses are designed for 20-25 adults and can be customised to fit a programme of 5 to 7 training days. A suggested overview of training schedule is:

  • Day 1, 2: Culture and interculturality
  • Day 3, 4: Digital tools and for inclusion
  • Day 5: Audio and video, digital tools to ensure progress for each student
  • Day 6, 7: Outdoor blogs
  • Day 8: Digital methodology
  • Day 9: Evaluation and dissemination

For more details, visit the website

Fees: 80€/ training day (more details on the website

Languages: all training materials will be provided in English, but they can also be provided in Spanish or French on request. Other languages used are English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. The trainers are multilingual.