Introduction to low level Programming in C

Course Name

Introduction to low level Programming in C

Name of Tutor

Mandy Farrugia

Target Group / Theme

Ages 16+

Course dates

Thursday 20th October 2022 – 17:00-20:00
Friday 21st October 2022 – 17:00-20:00
Course Content

Throughout these 3 hour long sessions spread across two separate days, attendees will learn the basics of C, the mother programming language which has influenced C++, C, Java, C# and other programming languages. Being both low and high level, C can also be used to program databases and embedded systems, hence the term low level programming. C was also used to create the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as macOS and Linux. In May 2020, C was the top most popular programming language as it was used for medical purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to search for an antidote for the virus.​

Session Prerequisites (if any)

Attendees are to bring their own laptop, it is recommended to download the software (IDE to code in C, as well as a compiler to see your C code running) to be able to follow along.