MSc in Artficial Intelligence

Unleash the Power of AI with our M.Sc. In Artificial Intelligence

Whilst the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become something of a buzzword, there is a general lack of understanding across various industries around the world on what AI actually is and how it can help them. This occurs even though there are multiple avenues in which AI can revolutionise the way data is integrated to provide insights enabling well-founded decisions.

The main objective of this programme is to equip managers, decision-makers, solution designers and planners to better understand use cases where AI can be applied, to analyse the need for AI tools in their scenarios, to select the right tools and techniques and effectively use them to solve tasks at hand.

Furthermore, you will be able to develop a career as an AI consultant, advising organisations how to explore the potential of a continuously improving concept such as AI in order to effectively meet their business needs.

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Deadline: 28th July
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