Training opportunities

openHPI, offered by the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), is a digital education platform providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on various subjects. These courses are created by professors and researchers at HPI and are available in multiple languages, including English, German, and Ukrainian. To benefit from all the learning features of openHPI MOOCs, learners can register for free at openHPI and explore the diverse range of courses available.

Benefits and Features of openHPI MOOCs

openHPI MOOCs offer exceptional quality and valuable content. Learners can access course materials at their convenience and participate in an interactive learning community. The courses cover diverse topics, including Big Data and AI, Cloud and Operating Systems, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Digital Health, Enterprise Computing, Fundamentals, Internet, Professional Skills, Programming, and Quantum Computing.

Explore the catalogue

To make it easier for learners to find courses that align with their interests and needs, openHPI allows filtering courses based on various criteria. Learners can filter courses by channel, such as Design Thinking, Exec Edu, HPI Talks, Quantum Computing, AI Service Center, and clean-IT Forum. They can also filter courses by language, including English, German, and Ukrainian. Additionally, courses can be filtered by topic, level, and format.

The platform offers a variety of course levels, including beginner, junior, advanced, and expert, catering to learners with different levels of expertise. Learners can also choose from self-paced courses, allowing them to learn at their own pace and according to their individual schedules.

Current and Upcoming Courses

At present, openHPI offers four current courses for learners to enroll in including a MOOC on ChatGPT and a Data Science bootcamp. These courses cover a range of topics and levels, providing opportunities for continuous learning and skill development.

Moreover, learners can look forward to five upcoming courses scheduled for the rest of the year. These upcoming courses will further expand the offerings on openHPI, providing fresh and relevant content to learners.

With a combination of current, upcoming, and self-paced courses, openHPI ensures a diverse and dynamic learning experience for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in various domains.