Programming Basics with Python


Course Name

Programming Basics with Python

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Target Group / Theme

Persons of age 18 years and over, Emerging Technology for SME Employees

Course dates

Tuesday 7th November 2023, from 6.00 PM till 9.00 PM
Tuesday 14th November 2023, from 6.00 PM till 9.00 PM



Course Content

In this learning experience, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming through the Python programming language. The aim of the course is to pique the participant’s interest in programming and to demonstrate how a simple, yet functional program can be built in a short amount of time with a little knowledge.

Course Outline (High Level)
– Introduction to the Basics of Programming and Python v3.0
– The Fundamentals – Variables, Sequence, Selection & Iteration
– Using & Creating Functions
– Object-Oriented Programming
– Build an Encryption/Decryption Program with Python
– Python Career Paths

Delivery Method


Registration link will be available nearer to the date