Training opportunities

Take part in the Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification to gain foundational knowledge of modern machine learning and develop skills and competencies from industry experts. This course provides participants a broad introduction into supervised learning, unsupervised learning, as well as best practices from the industry.

This is the first of three courses within the Machine Learning Specialization offered by Coursera, created in collaboration with DeepLearning.AI and Stanford Online and taught by Andrew Ng. This programme is designed for beginners to give them a basic understanding of machine learning and how these techniques can be used to build real-world Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

Course overview

The beginner course is estimated to take 33 hours to complete, and includes 9 assessments. It is split up into three modules:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (7 hours)
  • Regression with multiple input variables (9 hours)
  • Classification (16 hours)

Learners will be equipped with the tools to:

  • Build machine learning models in Python using popular machine learning libraries NumPy and scikit-learn
  • Build and train supervised machine learning models for prediction and binary classification tasks

 Participants will receive a shareable certificate after completion. 

Next steps

After completing the Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification course, participants can take part in the next two courses of the Machine Learning Specialization: