The FIT (Females in Tech) Coaching Programme


Course Name

The FIT (Females in Tech) Coaching Programme

Training Provider

Global Mindset Solutions

Target Group / Theme

Women in Maltese Society 25 years +: Youths, Adults, and the Elderly / To increase awareness about the issues of gender bias and the benefits of implementing gender equality by employers and self-employed.

Course dates

Session 1 – Tuesday 17 October, 0900 to 1100
Session 2 – Tuesday 24 October, 0900 to 1100
Session 3 – Tuesday 31 October, 0900 to 1100
Session 4 – Tuesday 7 November, 0900 to 1100
Session 5 – Tuesday 14 November, 0900 to 1100
Session 6 – Tuesday 21 November, 0900 to 1100Sessions


Course Venue


Course Content

Session One – The Impact of Gender Biases in the Workplace
To raise awareness of the impact of gender biases in the workplace and foster an inclusive environment where employees feel safe, seen and have a sense of belonging.

Session Two – Boost Your Leadership Skills
To develop self-awareness of your own leadership style so that you can successfully lead diverse teams and increase performance, productivity and profits.

Session Three – Boost your Self-Confidence

To boost your self-confidence and enhance your soft skills such as decision making, negotiating and influencing others when recruiting and onboarding new employees.

Session Four – Enhance Your Communication skills

To enhance your communication skills so that you can clearly articulate your vision, actively listen to employees and deliver difficult messages with ease.

Session Five – Boost Your Digital Skills

To boost your digital skills so that you can use online recruitment platforms and undertake research to attract and recruit the right people for your Organisation.

Session Six – The Action Plan

To create an Action Plan that will provide you with clarity of your career goals and the steps you need to take to develop, grow and advance in the tech industry.

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