Digital Skills and Jobs Digest

Summer fun is fading, but don’t worry – exciting times are ahead! Whether you are a student getting set for new adventures or a teacher ready to inspire, we have got you covered. Discover cool ways to learn, handy tips for teachers, interesting stories, and important updates. Let’s make this school year awesome together!

Explore now new trainings and opportunities for a good start of the school year:

The Blue Ant Code from Spain – children can develop digital skills through programming while being assessed through learning analytics. Data analysis allows teachers to offer personalised attention and to understand children’s motivations, interests, and behaviours in the face of digital challenges.
BayCode by ReDI School of Digital Integration from Germany – a non-profit tech school that provides access to free digital education. The goal is to accelerate the labor market integration and reduce the digital (gender) divide for refugees, migrants and locals without access to digital education.
Digital Schools in Romania: Digitaliada – a programme that supports digital education in Romania and encourage the use of alternative work methods in-class to increase pupils’ school performance and their integration.
ProgeTiger from Estonia – an initiative to enhance Estonian teachers’ understanding of the digital innovation and technological use in teaching and learning through training and upskilling initiatives.

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