Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Tech


Course Name

Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Tech

Training Provider

Ernst & Young Managed Services Limited

Target Group / Theme

Maltese Society: Youths, Adults, and the Elderly, 16 Years+ / Emerging Technology for Citizens

Course dates

3 hours – 1st session

2 hours – 2nd session



Course Content

Artificial Intelligence – Business and User Empowerment through Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are dominating modernisation concepts across all industries and sectors. The widespread adoption of ML and AI and integration with existing business processes is creating a large gap between supply and demand. Organisations need to re-engineer their digital strategies to keep up the exponential growth in process optimizations powered by ML and AI.

Internet of Things: The Power of Collective Intelligence
The Internet of Things (IoT) market and ecosystem are rapidly increasing, with reports showing that the number of connected devices is already around the 12 billion mark worldwide. As IoT is seeing widespread adoption, relevant technologies, solutions and considerations are becoming major priorities. Join us in analysing valuable insights regarding IoT concepts, general technological, societal, and economic considerations, as well as the many widely adopted use cases and benefits of IoT.

Consumer and Market Empowerment through 3D Printing
As 3D Printing is seeing an increase in adoption both in private and commercial areas, the impact on several business sectors is ramping up proportionally, changing the manufacturing landscape in multiple areas, and promising to change consumer purchase patterns. Join us in looking at business adoption examples, technological implications and trends, as well as the future of the consumer, industrial and technology markets driven by 3D Printing.

Harnessing Big Data: Organisational Value through Analytics Big data technology has become an invaluable tool for creating value in business and research contexts. With its volume, velocity, and veracity, it has deeply influenced decision-making, whilst paving the way towards improved prediction analysis, understanding patterns in data, and discovering exciting opportunities. Join us in exploring the unique characteristics and processes of this technology, together with its drivers, challenges, visualizations methods and cross-industry implementations.

Building Trust with Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Smart contracts and Blockchain technology have emerged as powerful tools for revolutionizing various industries. Blockchain, a decentralized and immutable ledger, ensures transparency and security in digital transactions. Smart contracts, on the other hand, are self-executing agreements that automatically enforce predefined terms and conditions. By combining these two technologies, businesses can streamline processes, eliminate intermediaries, and enhance trust. Join us in discovering how these technologies can transform industries by enabling faster, more secure, and transparent transactions while removing the need for centralized authorities

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