Welcome to the Metaverse: Technology and compliance in our

Course Name

Welcome to the Metaverse: Technology and compliance in our immersive digital future

Target Group / Theme

a) Citizens (Youth, Adults 18 and over, Pensioners)

b) Labour force (Employees, executives or leaders of SMEs and enterprises)

c) ICT Professionals and Practitioners

d) Education (Teachers and students)

Course dates
23, 25, 30 August

1, 6, 8, 13 September

Course Content
1. Blockchain, DLT, and smart contracts

2. Cryptocurrencies

3. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

4. Technology and Law: a match made in Blockchain, a match unmade in the Metaverse

5. Metaverse Philosophy

6. Emerging Technologies and the Metaverse

7. Enter the Metaverse

History is rife with milestones in Information Technologies that have completely disrupted the way we interact, do business and, ultimately, go about living our everyday lives. Currently, we witness the emergence of four main such milestones: blockchain, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Cloud computing enables the delivery of scalable computing services. Blockchain is the new architecture of trust via peer-to-peer transparency. The Internet of Things promises to trivialise the processing of real-time data and, thus, improve productivity and quality of life. Developments in Artificial Intelligence promise to supplant human agents with non-human autonomous ones. These are already challenging premises for our current status quo. To make matters more complicated, blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are technologies with huge synergetic potential. While they currently operate in isolation, they are now converging, and they promise to create a new reality, parallel to the one we currently experience until they ultimately supplant it. This is the promise of the much-hyped metaverse. But what are the true technical underpinnings of the metaverse? What are the chances and risks to be anticipated in this truly immersive digital reality? What shall we expect to experience there and how can we safeguard our digital and non-digital avatars?

This course offers an immersive introduction, as well as expertise and hands-on exposure to the metaverse, by unveiling the technology and compliance risks and opportunities of it.

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