The Ipsos Global Trends 2023 report is based on a survey of 50 markets, which account for 87 % of the world economy and 70 % of the global population. The report describes 12 global trends, identified as those that will shape markets and consumers in 2023. The report presents trends in the context of six global factors (so-called: “macro-power”) affecting people, markets and governments. This is one of the most comprehensive reports on global trends that we can also observe in Poland.

The report addresses the issues of technological acceleration and identifies technology concerns among the key 12 trends that have an impact in 2023.

The Ipsos Global Trends 2023 report identifies 6 key global factors affecting the current world:

  1. Societies on the move: ageing populations, migration, redefinition of traditional career and family stages of life, greater ethnic and religious diversity, less restrictive definitions of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and identity.
  2. Technological acceleration: ubiquitous internet, immersion in the virtual world, advances in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, increasing automation and, in contrast, attempts to escape technology.
  3. Inequalities and opportunities: the impoverishment of the middle class in developed countries and the rise of this class in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Increasing workers’ power with their employer – trade unions, hybrid work, generational wealth disparities, inflation, alternative monetary systems – but also regenerative capitalism, which takes the planet and people into account in addition to shareholders.
  4. Environmental risks: climate change, overcrowding and overdevelopment – but also a greener mindset of the planet’s growing population.
  5. Policy challenges: new measures globalisation, new threats such as data security, dissatisfaction with existing political systems, growing geopolitical conflicts and violence, systemic gender and racial inequalities. 
  6. Health and well-being: the mental health crisis linked to the pandemic, war and climate, inequalities in access to healthcare, but also evolving health technologies. 

Against the background of these factors, the report describes 12 key trends affecting markets: Climate antagonism, Health Awareness, Time for Frankness, Data Dylems, Technology anxiety, Borders of Globalisation, Shared World, Closing Capitalism, Responding to Uncertainty and Inequalities, Nostalgia, In search of meaning and simplicity, Health Service Challenges.

An important area of the report is the part dedicated to new technologies – technological acceleration and technological unrest. As highlighted by the report, technological unrest is one of the key trends – the rapid pace of technological change over the last few decades cannot be underestimated. They point out that almost 75 % of the world’s citizens cannot imagine a life without the internet. The authors stress that part of society, after years of internet use, wonders what we need to do together to harness the potential of technology – and mitigate the risks associated with it.

The IPSOS GLOBAL TRENDS 2023 report is one of the most important publications that comprehensively describe trends and their impact on the current economic and social situation and thus the impact on all economic sectors and, consequently, the development of competences and the change in employment patterns in many areas.