ĠEMMA ​and the eSkills Malta Foundation are jointly carrying out education initiatives on digital skills and scams and fraud. The following infographics provide quick and easy guides to ensure that you may uphold good safety standards when using various platforms.

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Steps to secure your Windows 10 machine COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Money Mules Anti-virus scam

Online selling scam Online shopping scam Small business fraud Free Streaming Site Scams

Facebook Scam Extorion Scam Lottery and Prize Scams Computer Service Fraud

Contactless Card Fraud Nigerian Scams How a Scam Works How to get a Mac as secure as possible

How to make Android as secure as possible Subscription Traps Smishing Pharming

Vishing Phishing Business email compromise fraud Cold calling Scams

Elderly relatives financial fraud ATM Use Fraud Romance & Dating Fraud Internet Banking Fraud

Debit & Credit Card Fraud Identity Theft Investment Scams Mobile Phone Scams

Holiday Fraud WIFI Hotspots The 10 Commandments to protect yourself

Little Black Book on Scams & Frauds Part 1

Little Black Book on Scams & Frauds Part 2

Little Black Book on Scams & Frauds Part 3

Little Black Book on Scams & Frauds Part 4