Root Me – Challenge your hacking skills

Root-me is a platform for individuals looking to develop their expertise in hacking and computer security. It provides a realistic environment for users to test and enhance their hacking skills. The goal is to fully compromise a host to gain root access. 

Root-me also places significant emphasis on community involvement. Users are encouraged to contribute and share insights, fostering an environment of collective learning. Moreover, the platform keeps users abreast of the latest tools and resources, ensuring they stay well-equipped for their hacking endeavours.

Root-me challenges

Root-me offers a wide range of challenges in different categories. These include exploiting script vulnerabilities, understanding application weaknesses, cracking binaries, breaking encryption algorithms, forensic analysis, network investigation, programming automation, realistic scenarios, steganography, and web technologies.

These challenges provide a comprehensive platform for users to develop their expertise in computer security and hacking.

Capture The Flag

Users can find a wide range of Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges on Root-me to improve their skills in various areas, such as scripting, cryptography, network programming, forensics, and more. The platform also offers a community where users can contribute and access information about new tools. 

The objective is to fully compromise or “root” the vulnerable host within an internet network. Players engage by selecting a virtual environment and the game initiates once all players are prepared, with a minimum of one player required. The target environment is accessible at, with ‘X’ representing the room number. The game concludes either when a participant successfully uses the validation flag or when the maximum “woot time” limit is reached.