Domain Academy

Practical ICT Skills

Course Name

Practical ICT Skills

Target Group / Theme

This course is for 

(a) Course for Not in Training and Employment (NTE) persons to familiarise with basic ICT skills.  Note: In this theme, the Training Provider is expected to communicate with Jobsplus for promoting with NTE persons.

(b) Course for persons in employment to familiarise with basic ICT skills

Course dates

Dates to be given in due course.

Course Content 

The Course Content is the same for course (a) and (b).  On completion of this course students will be able to:

Understand the key concepts relating to the importance of secure information and data, physical security, privacy and identity theft.

Protect a computer, device, or network from malware and unauthorised access.

Understand the types of networks, connection types and network specific issues including firewalls.

Browse the World Wide Web; communicate on the internet securely.

Understand security issues related to communications, include email and instant messaging

Backup and restore data appropriately and safely, securely dispose of data