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The eSkills Malta Foundation, which was set up in 2014, is committed to focus on the ICT skills that are fundamental to developing a resilient ecosystem of institutional and human capital, to sustain a Digital Economy through the further advancement of skills and competences, related to ICT in Malta. The Foundation will continue to work closely with collaborating partners, to implement the underpinning policies, taxonomies, resource demand and supply monitors, supporting standards and incentives that government, industry, and society require, nurturing the ICT skills, for a leading Information Society and Digital Economy.


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HR Files, Board minutes, Financial statements.

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decisions or

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respect of members of the

public (including bodies

corporate and employees of

the public authority in their

personal capacity)

Analysis of the Gender gap in the Digital Sector in Malta – January 2020

National eSkills Strategy 2019 – 2021

Guidelines to Increase and Retain Women in ICT – January 2018

Malta ICT Skills Audit 2017


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The FOI Officers of the eSkills Malta Foundation may be contacted by e-mail or by telephone 25992063.

FOI requests may be submitted by e-mail to, through the FOI portal via the e-ID or through the online form.


Details of Internal Complaints


Members of the public who request information are to apply through the online form on the website to be addressed to the FOI officer at the eSkills Malta Foundation.


A complaint may therefore be lodged by filling the Internal Complaints Procedure Form and forward it to the FOI officer. The FOI officer will eventually inform the complainant about the outcome of his/her complaint, informing about the possibility to lodge an appeal with the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) in accordance with Articles 9 (Fees) and 23 of the Freedom of Information Act, Cap. 496.

Other Information

Office Hours: Winter Hours 0700 – 1600hrs / 0800hrs – 1700hrs

Summer : 0700hrs – 1500hrs / 0800hrs – 1600hrs


Emails received during the weekend are replied on the next working day. 


Cash payments should be effected at the eSkills Malta Foundation during office hours and cheques made payable to the eSkills Malta Foundation


Public Authority Contact Details

Address:  Gattard House, National Road, Blata L-Bajda HMR 9010

General telephone number: 21 234710

Generic e-mail address: