Request for Quotations for the setting up of Women in Digital events

Request for Quoations for the setting up o Women in Digital events

*Events are activities and include info sessions, digital skills sessions, short courses, workshops and other similar activities

1. Background Information

1.1 Beneficiary Country

The beneficiary country will be Malta within the context of the European Union.

1.2 Contracting Authority

eSkills Malta Foundation

1.3 The eSkills Malta Foundation

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a National Coalition made up of various representatives from Government, industry and education, who can contribute to the increase in digital skills and the development of the IT profession and help us with the following mandates: 

  • advise Government and relevant stakeholders on matters related to eSkills policies;
  • contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes and related formative initiatives;
  • lead an ICT professionalism development programme; 
  • instigate further reform in the ICT educational offerings and contribute to capacity-building of the ICT education community;
  • to champion campaigns and promote the Maltese eSkills potential locally and internationally.

2. Scope

The Foundation has been entrusted with a number of mandates relating to digital skills.  One of the main national concerns is the participation of certain groups in society.

In line with the digital skills skilling, upskilling and reskilling mandates, the eSkills Malta Foundation would like to receive quotations for the setting up of training sessions/events or information session events to be held between September 2021 and December 2021 for any of the following target groups:

a. Girls or Girls with Parents
b. Girls (ages 15 – 24)
c. Women (24 and over)
d. Female Teachers
e. Girls and Women with Special needs
f. Females not in Training and Employment (NTE)
g. Employers and self-employed

The training courses/sessions/events may be organised for specific closed groups or open to the public.

Prospective Training providers may choose to quote any number of courses for one or more target groups mentioned above. Each course must address only one theme.  The number of courses that one Training Course/event Provider may offer is not capped, but the total value of the courses awarded is capped at € 5,000 exclusive of VAT per Training Provider.

3. Themes Overview

The Economic Operators are expected to address the following themes with the offers for the training courses, sessions or events.  

The Girls in Digital events should cover any of the following content:

    1. Coding using a fit-for-purpose coding language like Scratch, Python;
    2. Basic Digital Skills including any of from the use of a tablet, digital communications tools, and common popular internet applications;
    3. E-Government services using e-forms on, internet banking and paying of bills online;
    4. Skills in using Digital office software tools;
    5. Emerging technologies (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, 3D printing, Drones, Biometrics, Robotics and Automation, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality).
    6. Awareness session to increase digital skills and the importance of these skills for women and girls.

      The events in their entirety should be organised specifically for this call of quotations and be independent of any other planned event


The objectives for these events are any of the following.

    1. To increase and retain women in the ICT sector. 
    2. To instil an interest by girls or women in ICT and STEM subjects
    3. To introduce girls to the love of coding.  In this respect, you can choose any fit-for-purpose coding language, which would be easy to follow.  Examples include Scratch and Python;
    4. To upskill the skills and competences of female education teachers;
    5. To familiarise female youths or adults to the upcoming emerging technologies;
    6. To upskill female youth or adults with the use of office digital tools, and to be able to integrate the content and output of one tool into another;
    7. To help females with special needs to enhance their lives by taking full advantage of the use of technology;
    8. To incentivise and upskill persons who are unemployed or not in training (NTE) with digital skills to help them become more employable.
    9. To increase awareness on the issues about gender bias and the benefits of implementing gender equality by employers and self-employed.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the courses depending on:

a) Completeness and quality of the Training Course Content/event in line with the Foundation’s vision described in the Theme Description. 
b) The capability of the online and virtual delivery of the training course/event.
c) Qualifications of the Trainers.  The persons delivering the training courses/events must have at least an MQF Level 5 qualification in the subject matter and must preferably have teaching experience. Please fill in the attached EXPERT FORM Template.
d) The maximum number of attendants that can be accommodated for the training course. 
e) The use of proper learning, collaboration and communication platform for the training course. The platform must be capable of video and voice communication, face-to-face communication, organising teams for learning, recording, reporting that shows the list of persons attending the course, ease of use.

Award Criteria 

Once the Training Courses/Events are shortlisted, the award will be based on the following.

i) Course Themes.  The Foundation will balance the training courses/events offered to maximise the coverage of all themes.  Should particular themes attract fewer training courses/events, then the Foundation has the right to give an advantage of these themes.
ii) VAT exclusive cost of the training course/event.

4. Instructions to Training Providers

Responses are to be straightforward, clear, concise and specific to the information requested. For submissions to be considered complete, Economic Operators must provide all the requested information mentioned in this document.

All submissions will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Participation is free.  Quotations cannot be modified once submitted and can only be subject to clarifications issued by eSkills Malta Foundation.

This call for Quotations is being issued under the provisions of Regulation 103 of the Public Procurement Regulations (S.L. 601.03). 

The response must include the following information by using the attached templates.

      • Training Provider Name
      • Course Reference
      • Course Name
      • Target Group addressed by the Course/Event
      • Theme No and description to be addressed by the Course/Event
      • Number of sessions per course/Event (if applicable)
      • Maximum number of attendants per course/Event
      • Suggested ages of the attendees 
      • Frequency of the training course/sessions/events
      • Duration of training course sessions
      • Learning Platform to be used
      • Prerequisites (if applicable)
      • Main contents of the course/Event
      • The cost per head (if applicable) and the total cost.  The total allocated funds of each Training course/event provider is capped to €5,000 exclusive of VAT but inclusive of any expenses or taxes.
      • Expert/Trainer Qualifications (Please fill in EXPERT/TRAINER Template)

5. Date and duration

The training courses and events must be organised from 1st September 2021 to 31st December 2021.

The date and time of the Course/Event will be decided by the Training Provider and must be held online and using their equipment.

6. Terms and Conditions

The Training Courses, sessions and events must follow the Terms and Conditions listed below:

Advertising and promotion for such courses using social media, websites, and newspapers will be part of the Training Providers' responsibility.  The promotion medium to be used is the choice of the Training course/event provider. eSkills Malta Foundation will also promote the chosen courses on its social media and network.  

The training courses and events should be organised during the months of September till the end of  December 2021. 

The date and time of the Course/Event will be decided by the Training Provider and must be held online, and the Training Provider must take care of logistics.

Each Training Course/Event must address ONE Theme, and ONE Target Group mentioned in Sections 3  of this call.  Should it be otherwise, the specific course will need approval from the Foundation before proceeding.

The eSkills Malta Foundation has the right to accept, limit or refuse any course and training proposal submitted.  In particular, the Foundation has allocated a specific budget for the project, and due to this, the Foundation will select the most advantageous courses and address the criteria.

The eSkills Malta Foundation should be able to and will monitor attendance of live sessions.  In case of a dispute over attendance figures, the eSkills Malta Foundation recorded numbers, is final.

Each Training Course/event provider may be allocated funds up to a total of €5,000 exclusive of VAT but inclusive of any cost or taxes.

Training Providers are to submit tutors CVs as per attached​ Annex B/Experts Form. Any change in tutors should be made with the Foundation’s approval.

The Foundation will be funding this initiative in its totality provided that:

a) Attendance is not less than 70% of the maximum quoted class capacity. It is suggested that the Training/Event Provider use their own method to tackle “no-shows”.

b) Proof of participants' attendance for every Course session/Event organised must accompany the Invoice.  No Payments will be processed for courses/events without the appropriate attendance sheet.  It is the responsibility of the Training Provider/Event Organisor to use the appropriate online platform to deliver the course event and be able to produce attendance records.

c) Should the number of registrations do not reach 70%, the Training/Event Provider must get official approval from the Foundation to proceed.  The Foundation has the right to pay a pro-rata cost before proceeding.

Strict adherence to attendance requirements should be kept and expected.

No lengthy videos should replace interaction with students during sessions.  Videos and other tools may be used at no extra cost beyond the original quoted cost but not replace the teacher’s interaction.

Marketing of events

While the eSkills Malta Foundation will market the approved events, it will be the onus of the organiser to provide this.


Your quotations must include

Whether the Event/s is online and remote
Cost: per person,  per event 
Summary of event and content
Number of events suggested
Maximum Number of Persons suggested
Target Groups and age where applicable
Duration and frequency of events

Your response to this Request for Quotations (RFQ) should be sent through electronic mail at ​by not later than 13th August 2021 end of business day. Late applications will not be considered. Any queries must be sent to the same email address by not later than 5th August 2021.

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