Request for quotations for the setting up of Women in ICT (girls and women) events

Produced By eSkills Malta Foundation, Date: Apr 16, 2020
Request for quotations for the setting up of Women in ICT (girls and women) events
The eSkills Malta Foundation was launched in 2014 as an initiative by the government to have a specific entity that focuses on digital skills.  The general aim of the foundation is the expansion and sustainable growth of the ICT skills in Malta through the development of a broad set of skills from early on in life, throughout their career and employment which will ultimately boost employability, competitiveness and growth in the Digital Economy. 

The foundation has been entrusted with a number of mandates relating to digital skills.  One of the main national concerns is the participation of certain groups in the society, both for the participation in the ICT industry and for having access to equal opportunities in taking advantage of the digital opportunities.  One of these target groups is the female gender where especially in the ICT industry the numbers are very low.  In this respect, the foundation feels a certain responsibility to try to address this. We would like to make our digital economy contribution more effective to women, Increase the participation in the Digital industry or digital-related industry by girls and women.

In line with this mandate, the foundation would like to receive quotations from competent individuals and organisations for the setting up of events targetting females (girls and women) from the following groups:

a. Girls or Girls with parents
b. Girls (Ages 15 – 24)
c. Women (24 and over)
d. Female Teachers 
e. Girls and women with special needs
f. Females Not in Training and Employment persons (NTE)
g. Employers and self-employed

Events are activities and include info sessions, digital skills sessions, short courses, workshops and similar activities.


Prospective organisations and individuals can submit proposals to cover more than one target group. 

The foundation has the right to accept, limit or refuse any of the proposed events.


The Girls in ICT events should cover any of the following content:

1. Coding using a fit-for-purpose coding language like Scratch, Python;
2. Basic Digital Skills including any of from the use of a tablet, digital communications tools, and common popular internet applications;
3. E-Government services using e-forms on, internet banking and paying of bills online;
4. Skills in using Digital office software tools;
5. Emerging technologies (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, 3D printing, Drones, Biometrics, Robotics and Automation, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality).
6. Awareness sessions or workshops about outcomes on the importance and outcome of gender equality.

The events in their entirety should be organised specifically for this call of quotations and be independent of any other planned events.  The organiser may, however, use existing content or material from their portfolio.


The objectives for these events are any of the following.

a) To increase and retain women in the ICT sector. 

b) To instil an interest by girls or women in ICT and STEM subjects

c) To introduce girls to the love of coding.  In this respect, you can choose any fit-for-purpose coding language, which would be easy to follow.  Examples include Scratch and Python;

d) To upskill the skills and competences of female education teachers;

e) To familiarise female youths or adults to the upcoming emerging technologies;

f) To upskill female youth or adults with the use of office digital tools, and to be able to integrate the content and output of one tool into another;

g) To help females with special needs to enhance their lives by taking full advantage of the use of technology;

h) To incentivise and upskill persons who are unemployed or not in training (NTE) with digital skills to help them become more employable.

i) To increase awareness on the issues about gender bias and the benefits of implementing gender equality by employers and self-employed.

Date, Duration and Number of Persons

Events or workshops can be held any time during 2020, at your venue or a hired venue and using your equipment. The events must target a minimum of 20 applicants per class.  

Upon approval of the proposal, the foundation will be funding this initiative in its totality provided that:

1. Attendance is not less than 80% of the quoted class capacity.
2. Attendance sheets must be used for every session organised.  The attendee or their guardian should sign these.

Should the event not attract the number of persons quoted, then the funding awarded will be on pro-rata basis.

Marketing of events

While the eSkills Malta Foundation will market the approved events, it will be the onus of the organiser to provide this.


Your quotations must include

Whether the Event/s is online and remote
Cost; either cost per event or cost per hour 
Summary of event and content
Number of events suggested
Number of Persons suggested
Target Groups and age where applicable
Duration and frequency of events

Your quotation should be sent either through electronic mail at​ or by post at eSkills Malta Foundation, Gattard House, National Road, Blata l-Bajda, HMR 9010 Malta by the 31st May 2020.