Introduction to C#

Introduction to C#


​Course Name

Introduction to C#

Name of Tutor

Mandy Farrugia

Target Group / Theme

Anyone over the age of 10 with an interest in technology and prospective IT students.

Course dates

Saturday 9th October 2021 - 09:00-12:00
Wednesday 13th October 2021 - 17:00-20:00

Course Content 

The first session will focus on rudimentary C# concepts (input and output statements, variables, if-statements, switch statements and loops)

The second session will focus on advanced C# concepts such as methods, object-oriented programming (objects and classes, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism)

By the end of the two sessions, the student will familiarise themselves with programming concepts, which they will be able to apply in a variety of other programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C and C++

Session Prerequisites (if any)

Visual Studio Community IDE (any version will do although 2019 is preferred)​