Testimonial - Rachel Cauchi

My name is Rachel Cauchi, I work in the digital sector as Business Analyst for a consultancy firm.

Before entering into the work life, I studied engineering, obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Malta.

My work as Business Analyst consists of helping clients optimise business processes via analysis and reviews and identifying process gaps and inefficiencies.

What attracted me to study engineering was that during Secondary School, I realised that I was constantly curious about things, especially during Physics lectures. I knew that I wanted a challenging career which would ultimately be exciting, ever-changing, and, most importantly, provide me with countless different opportunities (which it definitely has, thus far). When researching the engineering profession, I remember that I could not find a straightforward answer about what an Engineer does, and now, I truly understand why! The mystery and unlimited possibilities which revolved around the profession ultimately drew me to pursue it.

Whilst it may not be common for engineers to work as business analysts, the advantage that engineers hold in this sector is their critical thinking capabilities. Engineers are continuously trained to think about how to solve problems, fix issues, and handle projects. Thus, when it comes to understanding businesses, their processes, gaps and inefficiencies, it is second nature for us to absorb the necessary information, map it, research it, and ultimately come up with solutions.

In my free time, whilst I enjoy unwinding comfortably at home, I am also always very excited to travel and participate in outdoor activities, including stand up paddling, laser tag games, and other sporting activities.