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Welcome to the eSkills Malta Foundation 'post COVID-19' webinar eLearns.

Following the successful webinar “Challenges and opportunities for SMEs: a post COVID-19 perspective” held Tuesday 9 June 2020, the eSkills Malta Foundation has funded three eLearn tutorials created by PWC.  These three eLearns aim to address in more detail the concerns mentioned in that webinar.

Within this eLearn platform you will find the three eLearns covering the following three business topics:

  • eLearn 1 - Business Transformation and use of eCommerce;
  • eLearn 2 - Communications, Competitiveness & Regulations Online; and
  • eLearn 3 - Effective team collaboration, tools & security

We encourage you to register on this platform to be able to freely access these eLearns.

To be able to enrol in the eLearns: 
1. Access the link above and click on "Create a new account"; 
2. Fill in your details and confirm that you have understood and accepted the PwC's Site Policy agreement;
3. You will receive a confirmation email;
4. Once your registration is approved, log in with your credentials;
5. Click on "All Courses", search for EMF2020 and select "SME Business eLearns"; 
6. Enter the code EMF2020 on "Enrollment key" to complete your enrolment.