Economic growth and future technology.
Creation of an online reference technology board around existing and emerging technologies.


Funding sustainable initiatives.
Focusing on and prioritising sustainable and value-adding projects.


IT teaching professionals and guidance.
Bringing industry experts to the classroom.  Initiative with guidance practitioners.


Quality in curriculum design - digitisation by design.
Support the introduction of ICT changes in the curriculum across all education structures.
Harmonisation of new curriculum across public and private education organisations.
Supporting the use of EU-based self-reflection tool - SELFIE.


Upskilling, specialisation and retention of existing industry workforce.
Establish project to establish short-cycle specific training.
Continuous professional development and industry collaboration.
Development of CPD toolkit for industry.


A framework for grading and evaluating digital competence.
Development of a scoreboard to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives undertaken.


A focus on youth with a shift towards participative vs consumer use of technology.
Collaboration with local and EU networks to hold participative projects.

Digital divide

Combatting digital divide within society.
Foster stronger relationships between public and private organisations.

ICT Professionals

Opening up to a professional structure in ICT.
Launch a campaign to introduce a framework for ICT professionals​.

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