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Ref.Initiative NameStart DateEnd DateStatusFrequencyOrganiserOther collaboratorsTarget GroupAreas the initiative aims to address
12ICT Skills Audit 201901/04/20164/29/2021startedEvery 2 yearseSkillsIndustryICT 
13Workforce Digital Skills Audit (Industry 4.0) 31/12/2021Planned eSkillsIndustrySME 
14Teacher Digital Skills Audit  planned MEDEMEDE, MUTE&T 
15Digital Career Awareness Campaign01/04/2014 ongoing eSkillseSkillsE&T,SME,ICT,Citizen 
16Education Scholarships  StartedYearlyeSkillsUoME&T, ICT 
17Schools Computational Thinking & Coding for schools  started MEDEeSkills, Church & Independent schoolsE&T 
18Implementation of Framework of IT Professionalism01/01/2017 Ongoing eSkillsIndustry, OPMICT 
19Setting up an ICT Professional Governing Board13/03/2019     ICT 
20Sectoral Skills Unit for accrediting ICT practitioners06/07/2018     ICT 
21Soft Skills Buffer school for ICT Careers  planned MEDEeSkills, IndustryE&T, SME, ICT 
22Summer Digital Bootcamp 202001/06/2019 Ongoing (60% complete)YearlyeSkillsEducators and IndustryE&T, ICT, Citizen 
23Library Digital Literacy Project06/10/2018 PlannedYearlyeSkillsMEDEE&T, Citizen 
24Guidance Teachers Careers Training01/01/2014 started eSkills, NSSS, MEDEeSkills, UoM, MCASTE&T, ICT 
25Technology Radar (NSC)  started TBDAll StakeholdersE&T, SME, ICT, Citizen 
26Student Placement Programme (SPP) for FEE & HE01/05/2008 started MITAIndustryE&T, ICT 
27Student Career Exposure SEC01/10/2010 started NSSS, MEDEeSkills, IndustryE&T, ICT 
28ICT best practices and standards awareness01/01/2014 started eSkillsAll Industry & EducatorsE&T, SME, ICT, Citizen 
29Woman in ICT Forum14/03/2017 started eSkillsWomen in ICT and ICT EntrepreneursE&T, ICT 
30Industry & Education Forum12/06/2017 Started eSkillsIndustry and Education stakeholdersE&T, ICT 
31Industry speakers in schools  Ongoing eSkillsIndustryE&T, ICT 
32ICT Training to Principal Education Support Practitioners (Career Advisors), Education Support Practitioners (Career Advisors) and Guidance Teachers01/01/2014   eSkillsNSSS, MEDEE&T 
33Career Information Sessions to secondary school students01/01/2014 started NSSS, MEDEeSkillsE&T, ICT 
34ICTSA Million Dollar Idea project26/02/2014 started ICTSAeSkills, Industry, UoME&T, ICT 
35MCAST PingFin Initiative14/03/2016 started MCASTeSkills, IndustryE&T, ICT 
36EU Code Week 202001/10/2014 Started2 weekseSkillsEducation and Industry StakeholdersE&T, ICT, Citizen 
37iChoose Careers Fair01/07/2016 ongoing MEDEeSkills, Industry, NSSS, MEDEE&T, ICT 
38Cyber security within Industry - B Secure23/10/201924/11/2019started Cyber security MaltaMITAE&T, SME, ICT, Citizen 
39SELFIE Tool sessions and Workshopd to schools01/01/2015 started MEDEeSkills, All SchoolsE&T 
40Women4IT01/09/2018 started Tech.mteSkills, Industry WomenE&T, ICT, Citizen 
41Women Web-Entrepreneurs Hubs  started AscendMITA, eSkills, OthersSME, ICT 
42Women on IT01/04/2019 started Beata YoungeSkills, Industry WomenE&T, SME, ICT, Citizen 
43Code Like a Girl28/08/2019 started VodafoneeSkills/MCASTE&T, ICT 
44DigiGirlz06/11/2018 started MicrosofteSkills/OthersE&T, ICT 
45Go4Industry Teacher Internship Programme  started MEDEeSkills and IndustryE&T, ICT 
46Teen Science Café   started MEDESchools and IndustryE&T, ICT 
47Emerging Technologies Lab01/10/2018 started MITAMITA, students, IndustryE&T, ICT 
48code.sprint Malta21/04/2018 PlannedYearlyComputing Dept, Science Center within DLAPICE MALTA;Industry;eSkills;University of Malta;E&TCompetences;ICT Professional Status;
49Create Digital Games for Education (Erasmus+ Project)  OngoingThree year projectMITAMEDEE&TTraining;Quality
50Mobile Public Services Take-up (ESF Project)  OngoingThree year projectMITAServizz.govPublic Sector employeesTraining;Compteneces
51Digital Media Workshops (HTML, CSS and Photoshop)4/4/2018 StartedWeeklyMCAST E&TIndustry;Competences;ICT Professional Status;
52Remote Teaching Summer Bootcamp for Educators7/15/2020 OngoingSelf paced e-learning courseHeadstart Technology LtdEducation stakeholders;eSkills;Training;Digital Divide; 
53EY Generate11/1/2019 OngoingAnnual eventEYIndustry;Schools;Form 3 Students;Industry;Youth;
54Investing in Skills03/01/2017 OngoingOne-timeJobsplus Employee or Self Employed Person;Training;
55Training Pays03/01/2017 OngoingOne-timeJobsplus Citizen;Training;
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