Initiatives Register

This register has been created to add visibility of the current and future ICT initiatives being carried out or are envisaged for the future.  This public visibility is aimed to promote collaboration and reduce duplication of work as much as possible.  Therefore, we aim to add as many initiatives as possible to this register. The Register is part of our Strategy.

In this register, you can view further details about the specific initiative.  Through the contact details one may partner or perhaps take part in the initiative to further augment the final initiative’s aim.

Finally, you may find specific forms to add a new initiative or amend an existing one as need be.  Afterwards a vetting and approval process will take place by the Foundation to add or amend to the new information to the register.  However, our final aim is to make as much information available to the public in the shortest time possible.

If you have any queries, kindly send us an email here.

Process Workflow

Process Workflow  

Add a new initiative Update an existing registerview register​​​​​ Help​​

Add a new initiativeUpdate an existing registerView register​​