The Malta IT Professionalism Conference

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In the modern world, technology is developing so fast that at times it is not clear whether we are moving in the right direction.  We see the world for the IT professional as an exciting one, however, I am sure that apart from this it's also very challenging to keep up with. These challenges bring about a certain apprehension as to whether the transversal and underlying foundations on professional and industry practices are being given enough importance.  To ensure a net positive effect on our ICT Profession, and in order to help our organisations to grow and thrive in a sustainable manner, we need to embrace this Digital Transformation. 

Resisting or shelving it will render ICT professionals less effective, not to mention that they will be working against the strong wave of the corporate culture of development and change. SMEs and bigger corporates will need to go through a transformation to be able to take full advantage of technological advancements, including but not limited to skills mapping, competences, and further development of professional frameworks.  Today’s ICT Professionals need to be well informed and this conference will contribute well towards that.
We have lined up a number of professional yet interesting subjects which will be presented by leading local and European ICT Professionals working in the IT Industry and skills development.​