ICT student numbers on the rise again, but European firms are slow to adopt digital technologies

Publication Date: Jan 08, 2016
Digital Europe
BRUSSELS (December 15th 2015) - The gap between the number of job seekers in Europe and the number of
unfilled digital jobs is forecast to shrink, according to the latest research from analyst Empirica. This is one of
the findings unveiled at the conference entitled “transforming Europe towards the Digital Age” in Luxembourg

The shortage of trained candidates will reach 756,000 by 2020, Empirica said. This is down from an estimated
820,000, forecast at the beginning of this year.

The decline reflects an increase in the number of ICT students, Empirica found. The number of ICT students
has been in decline in recent years.

However, while the largest companies are managing to digitally transform themselves, most European firms
across a wide range of industries are lagging behind, according to new data from the Digital Entrepreneurship
Scoreboard, also released at the Luxembourg event today.  Read more​