Impact of IT Professionalism on the European economy

Publication Date: May 09, 2017

Register now for the conference of 14 June 2017 in Malta
Venue: University of Malta, St. Paul’s Street, Valletta
The IT Profession is said to be still young but it has existed for some time now. The advancement of technology, in conjunction with, the existing IT skills gap has presented one of the biggest challenges to both private and public sector organisations. As major stakeholders of the IT profession, education and training providers, the IT industry, and government, are all trying to advance the profession’s work ethics, knowledge, competences and training opportunities in the sector in order to obtain sufficient and high quality IT professionals and practitioners. The commitment shown across Europe to advance the IT profession is huge and illustrated with relevant initiatives at all levels. So what is being done at European and national levels? What insights does academic research add to the discussion? How is this fostering the engagement of IT professionals? What can you do? Join us to discuss and influence the various issues and developments about the IT Profession.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is organising an interesting and topical event on IT Professionalism on the 14th June 2017 in the historic and beautiful venue of the Old University in Valletta. The areas of focus in the Event include,
  • IT professionalism in Europe. The EU Commission views and actions to mature the profession and to reduce the skills gap
  • Bridging the triangle of ICT industry, the IT Profession and education and training by referring to concepts of the IT Professionalism Framework, what is it for the Industry, Education and students
  • Succeeding in the further implementation of the IT Professionalism Framework in large and small countries (like Malta)
  • Good practices of IT professional development for policy makers, industry and education. Reference can be made here to regulation and the concept of having a European and national IT professional ethics
  • The evolution of the IT Professional within the context of fast digital transformation and the demands being made for more resources
  • The Maltese IT Professionalism landscape
The programme of the event can be found at​
This Event is being organised in collaboration with the EU, Capgemini, Irish Computer Society (ICS), CEPIS.