A Practical Standards for the ICT Sector

Publication Date: Feb 13, 2020

Digital Competence e-lesson
Practical standards are there to develop individuals into a higher professional and importantly to make them more effective in our job.  In terms of an organisation, standards provide them with a platform to streamline their operations in a more cost-effective operation and help them in providing better services and products. 

The e-Competence Framework, or eCF as it is shortly called, is such a standard for the ICT profession.  Although this framework was offered even before, it was launched as a European Standard in 2016 with the main objective of identifying the main knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the ICT industry’s main areas of operations. The eCF provides a ‘common language’ to be used among ICT professionals and entrepreneurs, HR specialists in recruitment, upskilling, training for the needs in SME companies, and much more! 
Take a quick break and learn the eCF language’ with the three short lessons below which were produced by the Small Business Standards.